JLT Creations uses the WordPress platform to create websites, though we’d never force a client to use it. If a client prefers to use a different platform, JLT Creations is amenable to building on it.

We do not discriminate regarding the web hosting service our clients choose to use, either. Siteground, GoDaddy, HostGator… it’s all the same to us.

Read more about domains, web hosts and platforms here.

Yes. Every client receives a 45-minute education session reviewing how their new site functions, how to update it, and how to make changes to it. If at the end of the session you need more education, or you decide you don’t want the responsibility of maintaining your site, a custom quote for those services will be provided.

Yes. If you or your team does not want the responsibility of maintaining your new website, we will do it for you on an hourly fee basis. Please contact us for further details.

What do you want your site to accomplish? Do you want to sell products and services? Then an e-commerce solution like Shopify or WooCommerce needs to be discussed. Do you want to blog? Then we discuss using WordPress’s blog capabilities. Do you want a membership site? Then we discuss third-party integrations that make that possible.

But sometimes, your company may not need a website for what you want to accomplish. See this article for details on what a website isn’t meant for.

During the free consultation, we discuss what you want your website to accomplish, what clients you want to attract, and what impression you want to make. We discuss fonts, font sizes, color schemes and images. When the site is complete, you receive a brand & style guide so you can maintain consistency in future additions, across social media and any printed or digital products your company produces.

That depends on how much editing and how many features you desire your website to have. A website consisting of a contact page, about page and services/products page should take less than one week to complete.

Websites with member logins, forums, payment processing, etc. may take 3-6 weeks, depending on how quickly compliance with third-party vendors is met (i.e. banking information provided to PayPal, Stripe, etc. is sent). You will be informed when information only you can supply is needed and the reason for any delays in the process.

As soon as the contract is signed, payment is received and you have provided your website hosting service credentials. You will be told how to provide that information and asked to provide feedback at various stages in the building process.

JLT Creations accepts payment online via debit, credit, or bank transfer through Wave Apps, with more relationships with payment processors in the works. Please discuss any potential payment obstacles during the free consultation, and we’ll work toward finding a mutually-agreeable resolution.

If and when JLT Creations opts to provide discounted services or offer promotional sales, only those on the mailing list will be notified and provided a code to use at checkout to receive said discounts. Joining the mailing list is free and subscribers may unsubscribe at any time. Subscriber information is not shared, rented out or sold.

If a client notifies us of a need for a payment plan during the consultation, the payment may be broken into two installments.

Otherwise, once a package or proposal has been agreed to and a contract signed, payment is due in full. Work will not begin until the agreed-upon payment is received.

Please note that PayPal offers a line of financing if you utilize their services for bill pay.

Budget restrictions are discussed during the free consultation and if both parties decide to pursue a working relationship, a proposal will be drafted outlining the scope of work, timelines, expectations from both parties regarding content submission, approval of work, pricing, payments and more. Proposal pricing is firm and clauses will be in the contract to address additional work the client wants performed in respect to a particular project. New projects will receive a new proposal with new pricing.

Please view the following video to understand why this policy is in place: