A Teller of Online Tales

A website should tell a tale, solve a problem, and give visitors a way to interact with your business. Does yours do that?

Our mission is to solve clients’ pain points and make online business easier to conduct (both for vendor and visitor). We do that through custom-crafted websites featuring streamlined site navigation, user-friendly design and engaging written content that converts one-off visitors into returning clients.

Of course, this very website was built by JLT Creations. But this is far from the only one. The list below is a small sampling of businesses, blogs and organizations with websites JLT Creations has built.

Know that every client provides input and has final say on how his or her website looks and functions, so every site is bespoke and unique.

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Chapter 23-7 (www.cvma237.com)

The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association is a non-profit organization of veterans working to help other veterans. Their prior website was difficult for members to navigate and contained disorganized content, which led many members to not use the site. Now, their website features the CVMA colors with a user-friendly layout and intuitive navigation, not to mention a bevy of members-only content and a forum accessed via login. 

"Every feature we asked for, we received. Our staff received education on maintaining the new site and I never had trouble getting a quick response to any questions or concerns. Our new website has exceeded our expectations and we're thrilled with the result."

Lighter Loads ATX (www.lighterloadsatx.org)

Lighter Loads Revamped

Lighter Loads ATX is a 501(c)3 non-profit that makes mobile showering and laundry facilities available for use by the homeless. After getting a feel for how visitors interacted with their site, along with viewing competitor designs, JLT Creations was tasked with revamping the site’s aesthetics once more.

First Build

Lighter Loads ATX is a 501(c)3 non-profit that makes mobile showering and laundry facilities available for use by the homeless. Board members were specific about how they wanted their website to look, feel, and behave, and JLT Creations made sure to meet and exceed their expectations.

"Our site was built quickly and to our specifications. Any issues that have arisen, they've been able to solve. Couldn't be happier."

Streamline Construction (www.streamlineconstructiontx.com)

Streamline Construction is a Houston-based company focusing on the maintenance, repair, and updating of structures for Home Owners Associations, apartment complexes, and commercial businesses. The owner wanted his site to emphasize not only his industry, but his love of Texas through the use of the red, white and blue found in the Texas flag.

"From getting our website built and email accounts created, they made everything easy and seamless. It's a huge help to have them supporting my site."

Damsel magazine (www.damselmag.com)

Damsel magazine is an online source of information devoted to all things lady-like and feminine. Because of this, the site’s aesthetics are full of soft pastels and soothing images arranged in an intuitive format.

Vital 4 Living (www.vital4living.com)

Vital4Living is a vitamin and supplement site devoted to helping visitors find alternative solutions to common ailments. The site doesn’t process transactions, but sends visitors to third-party storefronts through affiliate links. The owner wanted to promote a sense of well-being and peace through serene colors and aethetics.

Creative Content (www.creative-content.net)

Creative Content is a videogame, PC game and book review blog aiming to help people find great games to play and books to read. The goal was to streamline the way visitors located reviews while conveying a modern aesthetic with a casual feel to it.