Resources That Help You DIY Your Brand

While a company’s brand is made of more than a specific set of colors and fonts, the way you choose to present your business to the world speaks volumes about it.

Dark colors are considered more professional and serious, while pastels are viewed as more feminine and casual. Linear, san-serif fonts are more modern, straight-laced and are prevalent in technical and tangible industries, like IT, engineering, service-trades, etc, while cursive is seen in more artistic trades.

Whether you know what message you want to convey with your design choices or not, it can take time and energy to find and narrow down all the options available to choose from. So, where do you start looking? Here are a few places to begin looking to build your brand.

For Font Options

You don’t have to stick with what Microsoft Word offers for fonts these days. Google fonts offers plenty to choose from, but if you find it lacking, check out, which provides free fonts licensed for commercial use. has a myriad of free fonts, many of which are also free-for-commercial use. Still not enough options? Then check out and just be sure to check the licensing before downloading to ensure it is free-for-commercial use.

For Color Options

As you’re probably aware, there are thousands of shades of colors, each having its own RGB and hex value. When trying to narrow down exactly which of these colors will set the look and tone for your business, you’ll probably want to see how it looks with other colors without too much experimentation.

If so, head to, where photographs of beaches, mountains, villages, flowers and more await. Each image comes with a color palette displaying the hex code so you can pick and choose your favorites and use them how you see fit.

Alternatively, check out for a double-whammy of free-for-commercial use images that also provide an accompanying color palette with hex codes.

While these resources are far from the only ones available on the Internet, they’re free and they provide a great starting point as you search for the colors and fonts that will create your brand identity.

Whether your brand is solidified or not, there’s no time like the present to create or re-vamp your website. Don’t know where to start? Don’t know if you need to move web hosts or platforms? Contact us and ask, or book a free consultation to find the perfect website path for you.