Email Marketing Options: Which Is Right for You?

‘Tis a truth universally acknowledged that businesses require paying customers to stay in business. To get customers, a business must engage in marketing. Inbound marketing- where potential customers come to you instead of you cold calling them- is a popular method for nurturing leads and encouraging customers to buy.

Visitors that happen upon your business’ website may sign up for your newsletter in exchange for that irresistible lead magnet you’re offering. (If you’re not offering one, click here to find out how to get one.) Once subscribed, he or she will welcome that periodic newsletter into their inbox to learn about your special sales and announcements.

But while you’re building that subscriber list, you don’t want to pay enterprise pricing to send newsletters to a small group of people. To help you avoid spending more money than necessary, here are three email marketing companies worth looking into.


By and large, MailChimp is the most well-known and recognized mass email sender on this list- but that does not necessarily make them the best fit for your business.

MailChimp has a free account option for businesses with less than 2,000 subscribers, but boasts that for the right price, your business can access landing pages, digital ads, social media campaigns, reports and analytics, segmented audiences, marketing CRM and more. Once your business goes above 2,000 subscribers, pricing begins at $9.99/month. As for their interface, it’s a user-friendly drag and drop system, with no limit to how much content you can stuff into a newsletter.

Note that MailChimp does expressly state that they conduct routine searches for prohibited content and will terminate accounts that MailChimp staff believes “spreads harmful messages and expands their audiences.”

Read here for details: or here:


Sendinblue (yes, that is how they write it all over their website) differs from MailChimp in that they don’t charge based on the number of subscribers you have, but rather by the number of emails you send. Their free plan limits users to sending only 300 emails/day, but still gives users access to their template library, A/B testing, SMS marketing feature, email and SMS personalization feature, sales CRM, newsletter sign-up forms and more.

Their first paid tier is $25/month ($20 when paid annually) and allows users to send up to 40,000 emails/month with no daily sending limit. (


MailerLite offers a free plan for users with less than 1,000 subscribers, though features are limited in the free version. (Alternatively, opt for the $10/month plan and get unlimited features.) Those on the free plan will still have access to a drag-and-drop builder, built-in photo editing, video tutorials, landing pages, embedded and pop-up sign-up forms, segmentation, A/B testing and more.

MailerLite is cheaper than MailChimp at every pricing tier and integrates with WooCommerce, Shopify, SendOwl and more. Learn more about their pricing and features here:

These three email marketing service providers are far from the only ones in the game. This is just a starting point to help you begin your email marketing adventure. If creating blog posts and newsletters sounds tedious or daunting, never fear, JLT Creations can help you spread your company’s message. Learn more about our content creation services here, or book a free consultation today.